Lock 'n' Roll 2 Pro App Reviews

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Nice game but ...

way too difficult. One mistake and the whole round is over. This makes no fun.

Lock n Roll 2 reveiw

Beter then the first. Its incredably adictive. Only problome is you can only have 1 joker at a time.


Thought the first one was good... The second one is fantastic. Worth the $.

Worth the money

Highly addicting. One of the few apps Ive kept on my iPod for a year+ . GREAT app for passing the time.

My favorite puzzle game

Ive been playing since the beginning and find this game really addicting. I love the graphics and game play. Really well done.

Yeah! Finally!.,.

My favorite game was LNR, now it is LNR 2 . Thank you so much. 5x5 grid awesome :)

Terrific game

I had trouble putting it down to eat dinner!

I got jacked of my $

Im havin the same problem....Ldrapes. I see the grid but I cant see the dice. DAMN!!!!


I too have the game glitch. I can hear, but I can see the dice. I love LnR one-I was really looking forward to this game. Please help canned banannas! I want to play this game!

Jlitch in game!

Same problem here cant see dice...they REALLY need to fix this ASAP!! We paid for the game and cant even play it . Very disappointing!!

Fix the game or give me my money back

I can hear the Dice but there is nothing for me to see I paid for the game but u cant play it thats wack

Same problem as everyone else :(

I love this game but not when I cant play it. The page is blank.

I was able to fix the problem

I had the same issue with not being able to see the dice, but I was able to fix the problem. I deleted the app off my phone and rebooted it, then hooked my phone up to my computer and updated my phone to 3.1. I then went into iTunes and then went to applications. I clicked on lock n roll 2 and deleted it. I rebooted my computer and then reloaded lock n roll 2, then reloaded it thru iTunes from my computer, on to my phone. I then tried the game and it worked perfectly, so if anyone is having this issue, follow these instructions, and it should fix the problem.

Lock and roll 2

Yes u have to have the newest updated version for the iPhone and I times too to play this game its worth it!!! So 5 stars for me harder then the other dice game but that makes it fun!!!! Thanks Angie


only problem for me is how when its rating scores, its jerky and flashy and makes me feel somewhat epileptic and seizurey. other than that, love love love 

Its Okay

This game is good, but I still like the first version better. This game only has one joker which I do not like so I probably wont play this game as much as I will play the first version. If it had 2 jokers I would have rated a five star. The last upgrade on the first version of lock n roll was not good either, they should have left it alone. You cannot improve perfection.

More of a good thing!

Wonderful extension to the original LNR features! Adds more ways to score without impacting the user interface or the graphical presentation.

Want refund

Bought this game never got to play it. Deleted it twice and still nothing either fix the problem or refund my money thanks

Quality :(

Compared to the first version, the overall feel is very rough. In the original, it was very smooth and fluid-like. But on here, all the shapes are hard and it just doesnt feel as friendly as I would have wanted. Fun, but not always enjoyable

Fun new challenge

Lock n Roll 2 is a challenging and worthy successor to Lock n Roll. I wouldnt consider it a replacement - more of a complement - and in that sense, I wish this "sequel" had arrived as a DLC update so that I could freely choose between boards within a single application. In my opinion, LnR Pro is the standard. The fundamental concept behind this series is strong -- simple and clever. LnR Pros original sized grid made gameplay feel crisp and focused. Lock n Roll 2 feels like playing an "extreme" version, as opposed to an "upgrade" (i.e. different as opposed to better). Certainly, LnR 2s larger grid creates the opportunity for much higher scores and requires a lot more strategizing and spatial reasoning. This added challenge and potential equals tons of replay value. If youre a fan of the original, I would definitely recommend this sequel, if only for an interesting change of pace. Overall, it looks great and provides a fresh approach to a trusty favorite. *As a couple others have also mentioned, gameplay can feel a little sluggish. Its something that could probably use some optimization, but it shouldnt deter you from enjoying the game itself.

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